More than a hotel

Centre Lambahoany is much more than a hotel with bungalows, a beautiful garden, and a nice bar. The Centre has an information and documentation centre where you can find information on Madagascar and Tamatave and its environments: in books, brochures and audiovisual materials. And of course the friendly staff will be eager to assist you.

At Centre Lambahoany you can take a close look at different kind of trees and shrubs like: lychees, mangos, avocado, coconut trees, palm oil trees, coffee, orange and papaya. You can also enjoy its fruits in the right season. You can also learn about sustainable energy and durable materials used to build the centre. A Naiade for safe drinking water can be seen in use.

But most of all Centre Lambahoany is part of the project Lambahoany for community development and ecotourism, i.e. community development and thus poverty reduction in Toamasina and in several rural villages in the region.