Centre Lambahoany has taken the initiative in establishing a Dutch organization (Stichting Vrienden van Toamasina) dedicated to supporting the project in 2006. Current, the board of the Stichting consist of four. The role of the Dutch partner is the following:

  • To support fund raising in the Netherlands
  • To coordinate awareness raising in the Netherlands
  • To advise on project design and implementation
  • To supervise the project both technically and financially

The previous Wilde Ganzen and NCDO project was implemented in cooperation with the Dutch partner. The cooperation with the Dutch partner will be continued until the finalization of the five-year programme, after which the Dutch partner will continue to work with the Malgasche organization that will manage the Centre in the future.

Currently the Friends of Toamasina consists of:

  • Mark van Wees
  • Rogier Schuch
  • Miebet van der Poel
  • Maikel Koopman
  • Marlies Schijf
  • Loes van den Bergh
  • Emmy Herwijnen
  • Heleen Schuckink Kool
  • Bram Nottelman
  • Fadilah Arassi


  • E-mail: info[at]vriendenvantoamasina.nl
  • BankTriodos Bank, IBAN: NL28 TRIO 0212 3160 44