In Toamasina town

We are the staff of Centre Lambahoany in Toamasina, a Dutch-Malagasy initiative for nature conservation and poverty reduction. We manage the Centre Lambahoany (Haniela gérant) and we organise your trips and treks (Mirielle, responsible for treks and trips), (Marcia and George managers).

Photo staff + G&M


In Fetraomby

We are the members of the Association Rianala, inhabitants of the rural community Fetraomby, and members of the Federation Tsarafaniry, inhabitants of the rural communities Fetraomby, Anivorana-Est, Maroseranana, Fanasana and Ambohimanana. Association Rianala (Etienne, chairperson) has as goal to develop ecotourism in their community, Federation Tsarafaniry (Louisette chairperson) unites VOI’s, grass-root level committees, in charge of the conservation of the nature around their respective villages in the five rural communities mentioned above.


What do we do?

Centre Lambahoany cooperates with Association Rianala and Federation Tsarafaniry to develop ecotourism in Fetraomby and surrounding communities and to implement plans to conserve nature, reduce poverty and develop the communities. To this end we have i.a. reformed the agricultural methods, introduced tree nurseries for reforestation and agricultural crops and appointed foresters. (LINK NAAR ECOTOURISM PROJECT LAMBAHOANY)

In Toamasina town we have established the Centre Lambahoany, with hotel facilities and tourist services. And also with facilities for social, cultural and sport activities for the inhabitants of Toamasina .

Where are we?

We are in the Toamasina Province, in East Madagascar. Our Centre Lambahoany is located in the Tanamakoa quarter of Toamasina town, the provincial capital of Toamasina Province and Atsinanana region on the eastern coast, along the Indian Ocean. Toamasina is the most important harbour of Madagascar. Our trips and treks cover Toamasina Province. We are in Fetraomby, a rural community in the Brickaville district, some hundred kilometres inland from Toamasina, in the tropical rainforest.

Why do we do it?

We believe that together we can create a sustainable source of income through ecotourism and improved agriculture, thus reduce poverty and protect natural resources. We are happy to develop and preserve a small part of this rich and at the same time extremely poor country.