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Centre Lambahoany will be glad to organise your trips and treks in the region Atsinanana. With us you can visit the tourist highlights of the region and we have a UNIQUE SET OF TREKS in a non-touristy part of Madagascar’s rainforest, where the hospitable population will lead you through their forests, ask you to their house, and make your stay as special as possible.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like one of our trips or treks to be adapted to your possibilities. For example a longer or shorter stay, something added or dropped. We’ll try our best to accommodate your wishes.



Centre Lambahoany co-operates with the village organisations Rianala and Tsarafaniry. In 2008 they won the first price in an international competition for their first tourist trek. They work in the rural communities Fetraomby, Anivorano-Est, Maroseranana, Fanasana and Ambohimanana to develop ecotourism in this remote part of the Malagasy rainforest, part of the protected area Corridor Ankeniheny-Zahamena, the habitat of the endangered indri-indri lemur. It is a win-win-win situation: the tourist wins with this opportunity to visit an unspoiled part of Madagascar, the population wins with an additional source of income, and nature wins as the inhabitants have an extra incentive to keep their forest in pristine condition!  Find out more about these treks, only on offer by Centre Lambahoany and its rural partners.

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Visit the tourist highlights of the region with Centre Lambahoany. We have trips to the best nature reserves in the region, the best sandy beaches, the most interesting historic sites and much more. We organise transport, lodgings, entries and guides. Our basic principles are to support the local population and be as sustainable and environmental friendly as possible. All you have to do is to enjoy yourself.

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Combining: a full round trip

Of course we can string together different trips and treks to a two- or three-week round trip with the highlights of the region. For example, coming from Antananarivo you visit the parks around Andasibe; you continue by train to Andranokoditra to see the lemurs at the Palmarium and watch the fishermen defy the waves of the Indian Ocean with their tiny boats; then you sail to Toamasina, where you visit the Palmeraie, the Ile aux Prunes, or Ivoloina Park; you go on to leave for Fetraomby for your really adventurous trek in the rainforest; and you top off with a few relaxing days on the white sandy beaches of Mahambo or Ste Marie.


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Disclaimer: the prices mentioned are just an indication, as all our trips and treks are tailored to your wishes, and because prices of services are subject to fluctuations due to exchange rates, price increases or price reductions, or a mistake on our part.