Music, music, music. Slam or the African sound of the Antanadroy traditional music, the ever popular salegy, but also hip hop and drum rolls that accompanied the acrobats. It happened at Centre Lambahoany during the weekend of 24, 25, 26 September. No less than 25 groups made an appearance.

The Angaredona festival is a yearly event in the Capital Antananarivo, an initiative of the internationally acknowledged jazz- and world musician Rajery. Last year was a try-out for an Angaredona in the provinces. Centre Lambahoany in Toamasina had the honour. That was much to everyone’s liking. The local organisation Kolon’Art ran their feet off to fix things up, these last months. It paid off, it was an overwhelming success!

Friday evening was the pre-festival for invited guests with the three best groups in town: Mivehy, Ny Zanaboanio and our very B-Sarouk. Those three also closed the show on Sunday. That day the festival was free. In the afternoon the coming talented youth had the stage: Tony Velonarivo, Miarakandro, Satreky alternating with better known groups as Ragnetse, Tsilavina du Sud and Rababalah. And there was a reggae band of course. The public could not get enough of it and it was almost midnight – hours later than planned – before B-Sarouk’s basesa could intoxicate the public one last time. A worthy end of a worthy festival.

B-Sarouk, the local houseband of Centre Lambahoany, has recorded a special song for Centre Lambahoany. B-Sarouk, which means “big hat” in Malagasy, has played many times already on the stage at the centre and plays mainly Basesa.

The band was formed in 2007 and consists of six young talented musicians from Toamasina. In 2008 the band has been chosen as artist of the year by TREMPLIN at the Alliance Francaise. In 2009 they had their first performance at Centre Lambahoany, together with Raoul of the famous Malagasy band Mahaleo. In 2009 again they have been named the most talented band by different prominent bands like Mahaleo, Mila & Davis and Samoela. B-Sarouk plays both Basesa, a traditional style of music of the Betsimisaraka (the ethnic group of people who mainly live in Toamasina), and Malagasy Betsimisaraka blues (acoustic).

B-Sarouk aims to become a succesfull band and will always do its best to promote the music of Madagascar, especially which originates from the area of Toamasina.

The Lambahoany song describes the following in its lyrics:

– The lambahoany as it is used by the Malagasy people (rectangle cloth),
– “Viary tsara anaty lambahoany” means, beautiful girl, which is loved by everyone,
– The song is also about the centre and it’s importance for the local community. About the cultural events, the tourists and the parties that are held here.

Play the song B-Sarouk – Lambahoany

If you would like to know more about B-Sarouk and it upcoming first album, please contact us.