More than a hotel

Centre Lambahoany is more an hotel. It is a rural development project, an ecotourism agency, and a cultural/social and educational centre, all in one.

For the tourists staying at the Centre, it offers the unique opportunity to get informed about the region and city, to participate in cultural events, and to meet local visitors to the Centre.


The Centre is located close the city centre in a quiet area. On its extended site (100 by 500 meters), you’ll find the bungalows and the main building, with reception/lobby, restaurant, offices, and seminar rooms. Also, within the large gardens, a podium can be found for concerts and conferences.


Your hosts at Centre Lambahoany: Marcelina, Stephanie, Sarah and Mirielle


Some examples of the activities at the Centre are concerts of local artists and other cultural events, martial arts, dancing and language classes, trainings and classes, meetings and conferences.

The profits of all activities at Centre Lambahoany are destined for the rural development project Lambahoany in the rural communities of the region for poverty reduction and nature conservation.