The nature of Madagascar is unrivaled and one of the main attractions of the country. Madagascar has different climates, each with different fauna and flora. The two main attractions of Toamasina province in this respect are tropical rain forest with its unique wildlife, and the Indian Ocean with its beautiful white sandy beaches. It is a win-win-win situation: ecotourism contributes to the structural development of the communities, it helps to preserve nature, and tourists have a unique experience.

In short:
– Travelers create (economic) benefits for the local population and that is an incentive to preserve natural resources
– Through eco-tourism basic sanitary facilities (safe drinking water, sanitation) are realised in the participating villages
– To better preserve nature, sustainable agricultural practices and irrigation systems are introduced
– Revenues are used for (re)forestation and to train and pay forest guards

Below some highlights of our project:

The unique flora and fauna are the main reason for travelers to visit Madagascar. Here the Varecia (endangered lemur) in the Andriantantely forest.


Nursery for reforestation in Fetraomby

boomkwekerij 1a

Zebu’s are often used as pack animals but now trained for animal traction for improved agriculture

Zeboes voor de ploeg 2

Water purification system (solar powered)

Naiade 2

Water management and irrigation system

Barrage irrigatiekanaal 4