The hamlet Ambodiriana is one of the villages included in the Milay and Monttour Plus Treks as it is situated near a 120 metres high waterfall.
Until a few years, Ambodiriana had a primary school for its children. It was destroyed by a cyclone and never rebuild. The aid agencies did not reach this remote village and the villagers didn’t have the money or means to rebuild it themselves. Tourists having a good time at the waterfall and being hospitably received by the inhabitants of Ambodiriana came to the rescue. With their money and the labour of the villagers a new school is being erected. Next school year (Septembre 2016) the teachers will return and the children of Ambodiriana can continue their education.

The parents of the chilldren in Ambodiriana would like to thank the ecotourists at Lambahoany and those organisations that support the project in the Netherlands  !!!

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