Post 19 6 manioc Fetroamby Mai 2016Post 19 4 bananas, sugarcane, and manioc Fetraomby May 2016

Last week the cultivators of the rural community Fetraomby gathered to display their products, produced with recently introduced agricultural methods. Methods that will render the slash-and-burn practices superfluous, and thus help to conserve the forest.Corn, rice, manioc, and sugarcane could be admired, as were several kinds of fruit like tangerines, papaya, pineapple, banana, rambutan. Also spices were brought to the festival: pepper, cloves, ginger, and curcuma, and of course coffee and coconuts.The children enjoyed themselves with the merry-go-round, the adults with the speeches and the traditional songs and dances performed by the different groups the community boasts.

Post 19 7 the merry-go-round Fetraomby May 2016

Les orphelins de la Terre des Enfants avaient une grande fête au Centre Lambahoany !

enfant 4

enfant 2

enfant 1

Pukulan demonstration in Toamasina. Also taught at Centre Lambahoany!


On Friday October 16th the International Tourism Day was celebrated in Toamasina.

It was modest but lively event on the Esplanade, underneath the Palm Trees. All the touristic highlights of the region where presented to the public.

Post 12 Int Tourism Day 2015 Toamasina DSC00488-3

Local titbits could be tried and the most popular drink was fresh coconut juice. In the afternoon it became more serious: a debate on how to better develop tourism in the region. An important issue as the tourist potential of the region has not yet reached its full growth. You’d better come now, before mass-tourism sets in!



In the heart of Toamasina city we let 7 bungalows for 2 to 4 persons each.

Our centre is the ideal spot to start your round trip in East Madagascar.


The treks are by all considered the highlight of their journey in Madagascar. It ís a unique offer: only Centre Lambahoany works with the local population to organise treks in the rural community Fetraomby and adjoining communes.


Bungalow Exterieur 3

In Madagascar the school finals are in August. And also in Madagascar pupils need to let off steam. So they did. How? Of course with music!

Hundreds came to Centre Lambahoany on Sunday 25 August to celebrate their freedom with hiphop, reggae and rap. The artists did their best to entertain the public. The sun was shining, the music was good, the public lively and happy. Could it be any better?


Centre Lambahoany is situated in the heart of Toamasina city.

Our centre has 7 bungalows, a bar, a large garden and often there are cultural activities organised, such as music, dancing and art.



Sunday afternoon 11 December the past was brought to live at Centre Lambahoany. No less than eight groups of young rockers performed. It was a surprise that this music has so many followers in Toamasina, who with boundless energy sang, played, danced and jumped. The large crowd was young and just as enthusiastic. When the group NOCTURNAL was on stage they tried to besiege the stage, as if the sixties revived at Centre Lambahoany. A marvellous afternoon made possible by the organisation of young artists of Sylvain Rakoto.




MIVEHY consists of four nice, talented, young boys from Toamasina. They play beautiful music, inspired by the Malagasy musical traditions, that touched the heart strings of the audience that listened breathlessly on Friday evening 2 December at Centre Lambahoany. For the time being it is their last performance in Toamasina. They’ll try their luck in the capital Antananarivo. We wish them every success!







And then Rola Gamana was welcomed at Centre Lambahoany. As part of his tour of Madagascar he called in at Toamasina and Centre Lambahoany appeared to be the best place for his concert. This innovator uses all kinds of materials to build his instruments and thus to make music: bamboo, calabashes, seeds, even a bucket of water. He is very involved with respect to the endangered Malagasy nature. His music is different even a little mystic. The public was very quiet and some were even moved to tears.