Post 19 6 manioc Fetroamby Mai 2016Post 19 4 bananas, sugarcane, and manioc Fetraomby May 2016

Last week the cultivators of the rural community Fetraomby gathered to display their products, produced with recently introduced agricultural methods. Methods that will render the slash-and-burn practices superfluous, and thus help to conserve the forest.Corn, rice, manioc, and sugarcane could be admired, as were several kinds of fruit like tangerines, papaya, pineapple, banana, rambutan. Also spices were brought to the festival: pepper, cloves, ginger, and curcuma, and of course coffee and coconuts.The children enjoyed themselves with the merry-go-round, the adults with the speeches and the traditional songs and dances performed by the different groups the community boasts.

Post 19 7 the merry-go-round Fetraomby May 2016