The nature of Madagascar is unrivalled and one of the main touristic attractions of the country. However, tourism in Toamasina is underdeveloped compared to other parts of the country, despite its huge potential. The regional tourism office works hard to promote the region, but under the present political circumstances progress is slow. Attracting tourists by ecotourism has benefits for the entire region. It works two ways: ecotourism contributes to the structural development of the communities and it helps to preserve nature.

We apply a comprehensive approach to ecotourism
– All income from ecotourism is used for our programmes
– Create (economic) benefits for the local population to preserve natural resources
– Apply renewable energy (solar) for electricity production in the remote villages
– Promote and train in sustainable agricultural practices and (re)forestation
– Appoint and train forest guards to protect against illegal logging
– Establish tree nurseries for reforestation programmes
– Improve irrigation systems
– Providing safe drinking water